Who We Are

Cakecherry was created in 2015 as a café named THE BAKER BROTHER. The café first provided bakery products to its local customer. The business was going good but we faced a problem. The problem was that people who were living abroad couldn’t send love and gifts to their dear ones

So we decided to solve the problem by making an online cake delivery system. Now people living abroad can easily gift their love ones on the any occasion’s birthdays, anniversary baby shower. And it the sender wishes to send a surprise gift to their loved ones we do that too

Contact info

You area  welcome at our cafe located on following address.

If you have any questions please don’t forget to contact us at following address.

Office Address

Samakushi Gongabu-29


+977-9861840536 Sailen K.C +977-9818311820 Krishna K.C +977-9843064645 Sushanta Rokka